A limited number of Dame Perfumery and JD JEFFREY DAME products are offered for International Export to thirty-nine countries.

International Shipping is Free. 

International Orders will be sent through the regular postal service from the USPS onward through the local country postal service to be delivered to you.  International Shipping is free, however the package will have the full value claim and upon receipt of your package you will most likely have to pay import duties and taxes specific to your country.  Dame Perfumery does not pay for import duties and taxes, these fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Import duties and taxes are retained by the local country and not remitted to Dame Perfumery. 

All charges will be in US Dollars.

International Export Delivery time can be as short as one week and as long as three weeks.  There is no way to know the specific delivery time as each country has different procedures and policies for importing orders which can even vary from order to order in the same country. 
Basically an International Export Order is shipped out right away and it arrives in the destination country within a few days.  At the destination country however, the package can sit in the local customs processing facility for days and days and even weeks; only then after being cleared by customs will the package go into the local postal delivery service.  Postal tracking numbers are provided with each order.
To date all International Export Orders have been successfully delivered.
 100%.  Every single one.